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The scenarios presented here are hypothetical constructs and have been reviewed and adjusted by biosecurity experts to strike a balance between realism and the challenging decision-making situations researchers might encounter. They are designed for educational and discussion purposes only and do not represent actual events or individuals. Any resemblance to real-life situations or persons is purely coincidental.

The Rise of Synthetic Virology:

Dr. Thomson’s Conundrum

Charting the Future of Gene Editing:

Dr. Perez Dilemma

Responsible Practices in Plant Genetic Engineering:

Dr. Smith’s crops research

Honesty and Integrity in Research Consent Processes:

The Trial of Trials

Navigating Risks in Genetic Engineering of Insects:

Dr. Parlor’s Balance

Advancing Gene Therapies for Lactose Intolerance:

The Biotech Startup

Dissemination of Synthetic Biology Research:

Dr. Hang’s Crossroads

Integrating Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Bioremediation:

Dr. Zaheer’s rainforest crisis

Ethical Decision-Making in Biomedical Supply Chains:

Dr. Andersons’ Financial Fork

Challenges and Strategies in Cyberbiosecurity:

Dr. Garcia’s Gamble